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The Drop Shot 2022 paddle paddle collection reaches the market to nurture a wide range of players and does so with a wide variety of models that provide ample comfort in the game, an advanced technological path and high-end features.

Inside is the Ambition Pro line, a new bet in this 2022 collection where the model is specialized based on its manufacturing and technical characteristics.

Located within this saga is the Drop Shot Delta 2.0 padel racket, a model with a long tradition in the Drop Shot collection and that stands out for its oversize round format, very large sweet spot and an outstanding balance between control and power.

And this Drop Shot Delta 2.0 stands out for its high-end manufacturing where touch is present thanks to a Twin Tubular System frame, technology that improves the strength and torsion of the structure, low-density Eva Soft rubber inner core , and Carbon 3000 faces that unify the hit without losing impact resistance.

A model that has important technological advances such as the Smart Holes System, 3D Face roughness on the faces, Power Beam Heart and a Silicone Grip Channel and Cork Cushion Grip grip to reduce vibrations.

The Drop Shot Delta 2.0 stands out for its wide range of power thanks to the balance, the impact zone and the joint work of the manufacturing materials. Everything, without neglecting the most exquisite control thanks to its hybrid format.

A shovel that also shines with a groundbreaking aesthetic. Black covers its composition and details in blue and green are outlined that, thanks to the iridescent look, allow the incidence of light to work.


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